Terms & Conditions

1.1 You are deemed to place an order with us at point of deposit paid. As part of our process you will
be given the opportunity to check your order and to correct any errors. We will send you an order
acknowledgement/spec sheet, detailing the products you have ordered.
1.2 Our acceptance of an order takes place when we despatch the order. We will send you a
despatch confirmation by email. When we despatch the order the purchase contract will be made
even if your payment has been processed immediately, unless we have notified you that we do not
accept your order or you have cancelled your order.
1.3 We may refuse to accept an order:
(a) where goods are not available;
(b) where we cannot obtain authorisation for your payment;
(c) if there has been a pricing or product description error; or
(d) if you do not meet any eligibility criteria set out in our terms and conditions.

2.1 Our prices are excluded VAT as we are registered for VAT.
2.2 Where we charge separately for packing, carriage and insurance and other relevant charges, the
appropriate rates are set out in our specified pricing structure.
2.3 Our prices are reviewed periodically and the next review will be on 01/06/2020.
3.1 If you wish to cancel your order:
(a) you can notify us by email to sales@schutzdoors.com before we have dispatched the goods to
you; or
(b) where goods have already been dispatched to you, by returning goods to us in accordance with
clause 3.2 below.
3.2 You can return goods you have ordered from us for any reason at any time within 14 days of
receipt for a full refund or exchange. The costs of returning goods to us shall be borne by you.
3.3 Upon receipt of the goods we will give you a full refund 25% restocking charge applies of the
amount paid or an exchange credit as required.
3.4 The rights to return the goods to us as referred to in clause 3.3 will not apply in the following
circumstances: As some products are custom-made to your individual order, we will not provide
refunds or accept returns in case you simply no longer wish to have the product or are not satisfied
with the price, or due to other similar reasons.
3.4 do not affect your statutory rights.

1. The exact date of installation can be booked no earlier than 4 days before the door arrives at our
2. We reserve the right to cancel the installation date if we believe bad weather conditions will
hinder our ability to deliver a high quality installation.
3. A cancellation of the installation date by the client may lead to rebooking delay of up to 4-8
working days depending on current workload levels and is chargeable.
4. The installation of a door typically takes between 2 to 8 hours depending on the size of the door,
ease of access to the site and a range of other factors.
5. Please note that your old door and frame and maybe some surroundings as old plaster or tilling
can be damaged in the process of removing it from the opening, so if you would like to retain it 100%
for whatever reason, you will need to make alternative arrangements for its removal.
6. To fix extremely heavy doors to a very old wall is a real challenge , and to do this we must use
special concrete bolts that may cause damage even on other side of wall if its just 150-180 mm thick
including plaster.
7. New block or brick openings must be prepared by client minimum 24 hours before installation ,
incorrectly prepared opening must be corrected by client / builders or extra charges are applied if it’s
done by us. Incorrect openings may affect door frame stability and void installation warrantee.
8. If frame to be fitted deeper than 20mm from brick or block edge cavity gaps needs to be filed in at
least 200mm from top and bottom of opening and 300mm in the middle of it. ( to be done by client
minimum 24 hours before installation).

Terms and conditions
9.In some cases to fit new frame we may need to cut plaster to fit our hinges, and small piece of
plaster above top hinge to hung door , it is normal procedure because our frame is usually thicker
than existing and L shaped to accommodate double seal. Such smaller or bigger damages to be
decorated by client.
10. Fused 5v power point and place for transformer to be prepared by client , when electric FIAM
locks are ordered (usually 500 mm from the floor and 100-200 mm from door frame )
11. Due to recent data protection act , we can’t set locks ourselves with master codes or master
pads. We will leave lock in full working condition with standard factory settings codes etc, and full
manuals to set lock yourself.
12. If we arrive on site to install the door , and opening is not ready , client will be responsible for his
door to be stored on site till another rescheduled installation day ( NOTE : additional full installation
charges will apply )
13. Please do not book any plastering, tiling or other works around new door frame till it is installed
, as we will not cover any cancellation costs due to installation or other delays that may occur.
14.You are solely responsible for ensuring that the supply and installation of the Goods complies
with council regulation, Government direction, local or other authority and that you have lawfully
obtained every necessary licence, permit or authority required in connection with these Conditions.
If you do not have the necessary permits, licences and consents, we may terminate the Purchase
Order immediately. We will ensure products meet with current Building Regulations. We are not
responsible if the correct permits, licences or consents are not in place before or after the provision
of the Installation Services.
15. Late payments are subject to £100 late payment fee.
16. We reserve the right to hold installation/delivery till full payment made.

We take great care during installation but please note incidents can still occur when removing
the old door which are unavoidable; damaged tiles, plaster, brickwork etc. Client is responsible to
arrange decorators to carry out additional works after installation is complete.
1. We only install the door frame and the doors you have ordered, although we also adjust the
locks and hinges to make sure everything works to a high standard.
2. If you wish to fix internal architraves or other beadings, this must be agreed with us in advance
when door is ordered. Beadings start from £70+ VAT per side.
3. External frame sealing is included if the opening is already prepared for this, and can be done
immediately after the door is installed.
4. We do not connect or disconnect ALARMS , TELEPHONE LINES DOOR BELLS ETC. Please contact
your service provider in advance to arrange disconnection and reconnection works a few days
before installation date confirmed. We will not take any responsibility or bear any costs due to
cancelled installations.
5.We will not take any responsibility for damaged pipework or any type of service that is invisible or
in bad condition , if its located closer than 100mm from old or new door frame.
6. We do not provide any kind of internal / external decorations such as plastering, crack-filling or
painting around the frame. Smaller or bigger damages always happening around door frame
area. A 240v power supply and basic welfare must be provided by the client and should be
available on site throughout the whole of the installation period.
7. During installation time and after our clients are more than welcome to ask questions related to
the product and the work on site . Due to health and safety reasons standing behind our team of
fitters is not permitted during the installation period. This can distract our installers and affect the
quality of the installation. We also offer a supply only option if client would like to fit the doors
8. Client is responsible for full checking and protection of door after installation is finished and
installation note is signed. Any damage reported after that will not will be accepted.
9. Client or his builder are responsible to keep the same dimensions of openings agreed on site
drawings etc, and unchanged floor levels . Flooring samples or exact specifications to be provided by
client on installation day so the fitting team so framing can be installed accordingly to require door
leaf clearance from the floor.
10. Please note our fitters are not responsible for reducing or creating bigger openings, unless is
quoted for and agreed before installation so that the appropriate tools can be prepared.
11. If requested by you, we will endeavour to relocate cables that have been drilled through window
frame systems however we accept no responsibility for any damage resulting from carrying out such
12.On completion of a fitting a demonstration of the operation and adjustment will be made. No
further visits to site will be made to adjust any product without payment to Schutz Doors Ltd.
13.If a return visit to the site is requested a minimum payment of £70 + VAT (amount will depend on
where the site is) will be made to the company, this payment will be refunded if the company agrees
that the responsibility of any works is theirs.
14. Unless previously agreed we the seller reserve the right to photograph the installation of any
products. The photographs remain the property of Schutz Doors who reserves the right to use the
images in any company literature. Any unauthorised reproduction of any photos will constitute a
breach of copyright.

1.Door comes with 10 years structural warranty. Damage caused by improper use will void the
guarantee, survey and repair charges will apply. £65+VAT per h. per person + materials . Extra
charges for clients outside M25 apply.
2. We will not issue installation warrantee for doors that is fitted in between unstable buildings like
UPVC or wooden porches , other similar buildings.
3. No guarantee is given for the supply only of doors. As damages and other wrong adjustments can
be made to the door structure during unprofessional installation. Please check package and
door condition on delivery.

DELIVERY OF GOODS: ( For supply only )
1.We deliver door to your kerbside only. Please ensure that someone ( min 2 fit persons ) is
available all day, on the day of delivery who is capable of assisting the driver in unloading and
checking the goods when they arrive. If there is not someone there present to receive the goods a
re-delivery charge will be applied. ( Please note that door weight is minimum 80kg)
2.At the time of delivery please examine your ordered products carefully and agree or decline to
sign the safe and proper delivery guarantee form and accept the products.
The product must be free of mechanical and other defects and must match the colour and size
described in the agreement documentation.
3.As some products are custom-made to your individual order, we will not provide refunds discounts
or accept returns in case you simply no longer wish to have the product or are not satisfied with the
price, or due to other similar reasons.

1. We are responsible for product quality installation and all dimensions taken on site.
2. Client or his designer ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE for approving spec sheet, this entails: door layouts
, opening directions , colours , and hardware. This is clearly labelled before we start production. We
are responsible for measurements taken on site.
3. Agreed dimensions and specs can’t be changed after 24 hours when order is placed.
4.We do not take any responsibility for dimensions supplied by the client .

1. To place an order we require 50% of agreed purchase amount to be paid , outstanding balance
to be settled 24 hours after installation or delivery.
2. Supply only orders must be be paid in full before production starts ,or final 50% payment payment
to be made 3 days before delivery.
4. From the date upon arrival of your doors, we will store these free of charge for a duration no
longer than two weeks (fourteen days), thereafter £20 will be charged per day.

All our doors and windows are made to order and therefore are non-returnable and no credit can
be given. A deposit of 50% of the total value of any stock item or custom made order is required at
the time of ordering. If the order is cancelled the deposit will be retained to contribute towards
covering our costs. Orders cannot be amended once they have been placed with the factory.


To include : Hinges and locks oiling , replacement of door seals , readjusting of locks , other
hardware and cleaning of door.
Herts, Beds, Bucks : £95 +VAT
London, M25 : Starting from £120 +VAT
* For commercial and communal entrances maintenance MUST be carried out every 6 months.